Brewkessel #1 [Print + PDF]

Brewkessel #1 [Print + PDF]

62 years ago, Brewkessel vanished in a flash of lightning. Now it has returned, its halls full of monsters, traps, and treasure.

Brewkessel is a megadungeon designed for Old-School Essentials and other classic RPG systems. Although Brewkessel is designed as a complete whole, each issue is modular, and can be played on its own or be mixed-and-matched with the other issues.

Inside Issue #1:
*Everything you need to start a Brewkessel campaign, including character prompts, an overview of the surrounding area, and adventure hooks.
*The witch who controls the ground and her force of canny mercenaries.
*Brewkessel's ground floor, which includes the mundane requirements of a boarding school: kitchen, smithy, baths, owlery, and hospital.
*The School of Enchantment, featuring a warlock with a wizard's head in a jar, a mad enchantress, and a portal from the fey realm.
*Other adventurers interested in the dungeon's treasures and secrets.
*A plethora of strange potions, presented with tasting notes.
*Rules allowing characters of any class to learn spells.
*How to assign your character to one of Brewkessel's four houses: Kelpulous, Phoenessent, Prescipiece, or Riddleward.

In short: 64 pages, 36 rooms, 28 new monsters, 26 random encounters, 22 potions, 7 major NPCs, 6 magical paintings, and 4 rival adventuring parties.

**Rated THE BEST at**
"It captures the spirit of Hogwarts, and warped nature turning it in to an adventuring locale … without it being too cutesy or bizarre for the sake of bizarre. It’s a fine line to walk and the designer does a good job." -Bryce Lynch

We'll consult the Cornuthaum of Selection to determine which house best suits you and send you a sticker with the appropriate herald.

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